About VarNasol

Amanady Products started out as a small skin care business based in Atlanta GA. Our focus on quality customer service and capital product value helped stimulate the growth of a maturing company. Our core principle is to provide exclusive merchandise for our customers, the barber and beauty industry with no compromise in effectiveness and quality. Over the years Amanady Products grew which allowed new brands to be introduced, resulting in better service to the demands of our customers.

Amanady Products was not only renamed VarNasol but also transformed into a primary asset management company, which transitioned from one central state to cross country. Our community of people are experts in strategic planning by identifying opportunities within the marketplace, to better leverage the brands on the path of achieving great success. VarNasol grew out of the need to better diversify our focus along with better position the vision of serving our clients. Our company is dedicated to improving the lives of every individual from millennials to baby boomers. We manufacture personal care products, deliver barber solutions, sell watches, books, vitamins, and manage real estate.

At VarNasol, we consistently find new ways to improve in conjunction with the environment as a means of always remaining equipped and ready to respond. Our team identifies opportunities within market segments better serving our customers wherever they need. VarNasol’s criterion is to run each business as independent entities using strong leadership. Our broad team provides guidance, support, and encouragement needed for each leader in order  to make sure each business is is being executed well.

What We Believe

The company founding values is based on our commitment to running a responsible, honest company, great customer service and trust. We strive to gain respect of our customers and the environment.