How to get rid of razor bumps

How to get rid of razor bumps

Prevent Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hairs, Razor Burns: One of the best forms of prevention is allowing hairs to grow well above the skin surface. The follicle opening may prevent the hair tip from growing into the skin. However, not many people are willing or able to grow their hairs long enough to prevent their ingrowing.

The following are essential key points that will help minimize these shaving problems: Washing the skin before shaving is helpful in exfoliating. Exfoliating (removing the upper layers of dead skin) your skin is indispensable when trying to prevent razor bumps, ingrown hairs or razor burn. Daily use of a liquid cleanser before shaving not only unclogs pores, it lifts the hair away from the follicle while softening the hair. Shave with downward strokes (going with the grain). Shaving too close is one of the triggers for razor bumps, ingrown hair, and razor burn.

The hair stubs are cut too close, get trapped inside the hair follicle and dig inward or sideways. Use the Imperial Touch line of shaving gels to optimize your shave for greater results.

More info on Shaving Tips. Use a post-shaving product that contains beta hydroxy acid: Acetylsalicylic acid, the main ingredient in the Imperial Touch Razor Bump Solution. This dermatological-grade ingredient is the active substance producing immediate; visible improvements for razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and razor burns. It disinfects, mildly exfoliates surface skin cells, which keeps hair follicles and adjacent areas of the skin clean and unobstructed.



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